How Does Email Marketing Help SEO?

If you work in marketing, it makes sense to understand how different functions and technical areas of expertise can work collaboratively to maximise gains. After all, nothing leads to an inefficient team faster than duplicated work or missed opportunities. So let’s look at how email marketing campaigns can intersect with SEO for better results.

Email to boost engagement

If you can send out an email marketing campaign that offers useful resources on a topic that your audience value, you can hope to see a boost in visitors coming to your website for various relevant terms. In this way, email doesn’t necessarily provide ranking gains by itself, but it can encourage sharing and comments, which are things that Google wants to see in order to rank your content.

For example, you might write a blog to gain organic traffic and then email the content to your marketing list, in order to boost views, tweets, shares, comments and general engagement. An agency delivering professional SEO services in London can assist with this.

Hooking readers into your content

SEO is certainly boosted by encouraging social sharing, comments and the like – but it is also key to get your subscribers hooked onto your content in a range of other ways. For example, you could aim to drive them to RSS feeds, or give readers the ability to subscribe to a content specific and separate email list.

For readers who like your video content, you can direct them to your YouTube channel subscription, and for those that engage with your photos, you can connect on Instagram. In this way, your email marketing gives you another way to ensure your audience connects with changing, fresh content.

Repurposing newsletter content

Emails take a long while to write, so it makes sense to repurpose your content for blogs. If you have long newsletters, split up the content into separate blogs and get each live. Find out more about content repurposing strategies and London SEO services from Elevate UK.

If they are short, bundle content into themes and create more substantial blogs. This gives you the opportunity to rank for quality content online rather than leaving it in inboxes. By adding links and doing some repurposing, the effort you made in creating the content in the first place needn’t be wasted.

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