How To Turn Around A Lifestyle Of Drug Abuse

Starting down the path of detox and recovery is not going to be an easy thing to do. You are going to essentially close a door on your past and move forward into your future. That means you are going to have to leave a lot of old “friends” and bad habits behind. I have been on both sides of the coin. It is worth it, but you need the motivation to stay on track. I have 5 tips to help you on your way to a clean lifestyle.

Five Things You Should Know

1) This is not just about willpower. You are overcoming things like childhood issues and genetic factors. In rehab, like treatment in Fort Lauderdale, you will also learn why your brain does what it does and thinks the way it thinks. This is going to be a very personal journey for you. It is not going to be easy because a lot of you are overcoming specific compulsions and the triggers that come along with them. You can get a better idea by clicking. Everyone’s triggers are different.

2) Did you know that more than 20% of all substance abusers have some kind of underlying mental issue? That means treating one is not going to make the other go away. You need to treat both at the same time. You cannot “make your problem” go away or “sweep it under the rug.” You are going to be dealing with your demons for the rest of your life. One day at a time.

Many people find peace in the serenity prayer. This motto is going to become your new best friend for life.

3) Some people think you need to hit rock bottom before you get help. That is not true. You can get help long before that happens as long as you admit there is a problem. FYI: You will have setbacks. You cannot go through recovery without some kind of relapse. What is important is that you recognize that it is part of the program. Click here for some helpful tips on how to deal with your recovery as setbacks happen.

4) This is not a “quick fix” type of thing. I cannot stress this point enough. This is something you will do.

deal with for the rest of your life. You may have reached a point where you have dealt with the psychological issues, but you are still in pain. You are never cured. That is why they say “one day at a time.”

5) You are not alone. It might feel as though you are, but you are not. There are millions of other people going through the same pain. What you need to do is surround yourself with positive energy. Your old friends are going to try to pull you back into that life. It is essential you find new people to be around. You are closing the book on your old life. You are beginning a new phase. The old life does not hold any appeal once you start down the path of recovery and rebirth.

Your spending habits are going to change as you start recovering from drug abuse. You will start spending money on more important things, including car insurance. You may gain a new appreciation for the necessities in life.

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