Bouncing Here And There And Everywhere

Disney’s film output in the early nineteen eighties up to 1985 was pretty questionable. With the exception of Tron, the company put out some serious duds like the unoriginal Fox and the Hound, the boring Condorman and the downright weird and unsettling Watcher in the Woods. However, on the television it was still going strong and in 1985 it had a big cult hit with a creation based on the chewy sweet pf the similar name. The Gummi Bears were born! Back int the 1980ss you couldn’t get much with out a decent television area reception and its just he same with televisions and digital signals today. The services of a TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham based company is vital. Steve Unett aerials provide a tv aerial repair Cheltenham service and can get your aerials in tip top shape in no time.

Every Sunday morning the 25-minute show was broadcast before ITV descended into a series of Morning service from a church somewhere and then a load of deeply religious themed programmes before things got deeply political. The antics of the Bears was extremely well thought out and the program built their characters and stories brilliantly. They were a lost tribe of Gummi’s how were at one time a seriously technologically advanced race. They are legends to the Medieval Humans living in the kingdom of Dunwyn. The Great Gummis have gone into hiding to avoid Humans who were always attempting to steal their tech. The six Gummis we meet are a colony left behind to protect Gummi ways and to report if there was a chance that Gummis and Humans could live together again.

The Gummi’s we meet are befriended by Kevin, a brave page who dreams of being a knight. He, in turn, introduces them to his friend Princess Calla and together they join forces to try and stop the evil Duke Igthorn who wishes to conquer Dunwyn for himself. He has an army of Trolls at his command, but they are pretty hapless for the most part and generally contribute nothing to his cause. The only one that does is the seriously undersized Toadie but Igthorn is too proud to listen to him.

The other important part is the secret of the magically Gummiberry juice. The Bear take the fruit of the Gummiberry bush and turn it into a drink. It makes the Bears springy and bouncy allowing them to escape and bounce Trolls over. It has a quite dramatic effect on Humans as it makes then incredibly strong. Unfortunately, this effect only last for a little while but once Igthorn finds out he is driven towards getting this secret.

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