The Pipe That Produces Beautiful Gems

Most people are aware that diamonds are mined from the earth in a similar fashion to coal. The areas used for mining can be in an open-pit or underground mine scenario. This often depends on the depth to which they are working. Open pits tend to operate only down to a certain depth before underground mining takes over. The one element that is common across all diamond mines is the fact that they are located on or near kimberlite pipes. All-natural diamonds come from these pipes. So, whether you are looking to buy diamond rings online, perhaps through a company like you, or looking to find a nice diamond necklace, you can be sure that the diamond will arrive to you in exactly the same way as any other diamond.

What exactly are kimberlite pipes anyway? They are actually part of a volcano, so you can imagine that getting the diamonds out of them is fraught with danger. It is a much preferable option to go for an extinct or dormant volcano that poses less of a threat to eruption. Volcanoes provide the necessary geological pressure and conditions that contribute to the creation of diamonds. It’s not a given that you will find diamonds down a Kimberlite pipe, but if you have found one, there is a much better chance. There is also the chance that you might find a “fancy” diamond, such as a pink one. This increases the value of the diamond considerably and the reason suggested by experts for its pinkness is that it has been through some geological shock. Apart from earthquakes, you can’t get more of a geological shock than a volcanic eruption.

The lava is funneled up through the pipe in a dramatic show of the power of the earth. It comes straight up out of the earth’s mantle, where a sea of lava flows. The earth’s plates float on the lava, and the movement can force it up through the earth. This incredible force creates the intense pressure and heat that a diamond needs to form in the earth’s crust. As it literally makes a pipe it does make the mining element easier as well.

The name for the kimberlite pipe comes from a small town in South Africa called Kimberley. It was near here that the first kimberlite pipe was discovered to be a rather rich producer of diamonds. Discovered in 1869 The biggest was the Dudley Diamond or the Star of Africa and weighing in at 83 carats uncut, it was one of the largest ever found. It brought about a big diamond rush to the area as is usually the way. The diamond itself was discovered on the banks of the local river by a Shepard boy. He sold it for 500 sheep 10 Oxen and a Horse. It was later valued at auction in 2016 for over £2 million. A replica of the real thing can be seen in the Natural History Museum.

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