Atlantis Has Sprung A Leak

One of the most curious myths in the world is surely that of Atlantis. There are dozens and dozens of fables and stories surrounding this mythical land that it’s hard to keep up. If you didn’t know, there was supposed to be a land mass in the Atlantic Ocean that contained a lost race or civilisation that was technologically way in advance of anyone on the main land. The trouble started when someone read Plato the Greek philosopher wrong and believed it to be real. There was even a supposed Empire. Not that it did the Islanders much good as their island sank into the Atlantic Ocean without any trace. We worry about a little water in our home and offices, particularly being a slip hazard, which is why many firms employ the services of a Commercial cleaning Gloucester company such as . You have to feel sorry for the Atlantians who had to deal with tonnes of water!

The story goes that the island had a large Empire over both sides of the Atlantic and no one could stand against them. However, they are also seen as being benevolent people who were more than happy to help others along. They did this by showing them how to build Pyramids in Egypt and Peru. They also helped build Angkor Wat and setting up the Greeks and Babylonian, especially their Hanging Garden or anyone else in the Mediterranean basin they came across. Why were they so helpful? They were humanoid Aliens, simple as that. They wanted to make sure humans were pointed in the right direction. They also ensured, using the stars, that sights like the Pyramids at Giza and the Temple of Angkor Wat all match up when the stars are right. No one is sure why they did this apart from showing off. Perhaps we should look under the Egyptian Sphinx as it’s supposed to have a room of records proving it.

Literature and film is ripe with the subject. In Erik the Viking by Terry Jones the land of Atlantis influences his land of IBrazil which sinks if a drop of blood falls in it. When it does the Mayor denies it’s happening right up to the point the water goes over his head. Tolkien’s Numenor sinks below the waves as the inhabitants anger the Gods, the survivors forming the realms of Gondor and Arnor. It’s turned up in several Captain Nemo adventures, been the hiding place of Nazi’s and also been responsible for their rise. It’s been the Garden of Eden and the Isle of Lyonesse where King Arthur goes, it’s been a land of alien super scientists and we are just an example of all the genesplicing that they did.

Any truth in this? There is a chance that it was the Isle of Santorini (which is in the Mediterranean!) that was mostly destroyed in a Volcanic eruption, maybe Madeira or the Canary Isles, themselves volcanic, as the Greeks would have had access to them. As to the Empire of Aliens, it seems that we cannot accepted that our ancestors just may have been very clever people who had their own ingenuity and intelligence to build things without having Off world masters telling them what to do. 

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