How To Create A GMB Profile?

How To Create A GMB Profile?

Google is not merely a search engine but a globally reputed brand. It has tried to create numerous creative innovations that have made the internet a more helpful and facilitated place. One of its creations is Google My Business or GMB. Here below we have talked about this in detail.

What is GMB?

As the name very well suggests, it is a platform that offers small businesses a space to represent themselves. Or shall we say more appropriately as per the digital marketing language, ‘promote’ themselves online? A very interesting, free of cost and rather simpler method offers valuable benefits to many businesses. As one searches for a specific product or service, e.g. a Pet shop in a specified area, GMB offers the relevant information about the business or enterprise, as its services, address, contact no, timings, etc. along with a google search and map. listed below are some advantages of GMB:-

What are the advantages?
  • It is a free tool, open to use for all.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It allows you to keep updating your clients about your business details
  • It allows you to attract as well as engage customers online
  • It offers business.

Further, it provides a section of the review that helps you improve your SEO and build a better reputation for your business online and eventually offline.

How to create your own GMB account?

To create a profile on GMB, you must follow the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Login by using your Google account or sign up for one if you don’t have
  • Start by entering the name of your business and then its address
  • Add further details, choose which type of business you have, a store, work from home, freelance or you offer middle-party services
  • Select what best and more clearly fits in your primary business. For example; if your business is a store for kid’s clothing, you must specify it instead of choosing ‘garment store’. This is to safeguard the relevancy and specifications of what your prospective customers search for.
  • Add your contact details, including your number and website.
  • Most important and final step before you press ‘done’ is verification for your business listing. This proves your authenticity and retains the trust of the users and your potential clients in the future.

After all the buttons are checked and the info’s filled, it is time to put it all together. And voila! Your business is on GMB allowing your goods or services better visibility online.


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